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Below are images of Sparrowood, Mark's former home in Avon, CT. 

(Mark has recently renovated a home near the Connecticut Shore which he calls Cornwall Cottage. Images of Mark's new home will be posted soon.)

Mark's home~ Sparrowood of Avon
Great Room at Sparrowood

Dining area at Sparrowood

Patio at Sparrowood

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  1. Absolutely spectacular! Relaxing and so inviting. The perfect spot for writing your books.

  2. My funny sweet son moved the last of his belongs today. Althought I am overjoyed to see him build his own life and eventually his own family it is a difficult day! He carefully packed all his books you had written . Too cherished to leave behind. I am so glad to have the memories of reading those books, especially Calebs Lighthouse over and over till I knew the story by heart. Thank you the memories!

  3. You're books are amazing!!!! You're truly talented and very creative:) Love you're work, especially you're christmas stories.