Scheduling a School Appearance

One of Mark's favorite quotes is from a source unknown~ "Do what you enjoy and you will never work a day in your life."  Mark is living proof of this.

"Being an author and photographer isn't work," he says. "It involves a whole lot of determination, dedication, concentration, imagination, education, perseverance, confidence, sweat, a modicum of talent and a positive attitude but work? No. I haven't worked a day since choosing my career.''

Each year Mark reserves a certain amount of time to attend book signings, school appearances and speaking engagements where he encourages others and openly shares his experiences, observations and philosophies about life and being a published author and photographer.

"If I had to choose what I enjoy most about my chosen career it would have to be the speaking engagements and all the special people I've met through them ~ especially, the children." When asked what inspires his stories Mark responds quite frankly~ "Just look into a child's eyes. There are a million stories there."


Mark's appearance schedule is full for the 2018 calendar year. 

For information and details on how to schedule an appearance in your area for 2019, please contact us by email at:

"Through Education and Sharing comes Wisdom and Peace."
m.k. moulton

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